Jason Valenti Counselling. Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling MBACP
Jason Valenti Counselling. Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling MBACP

                              Jason Valenti Counselling 


I am able to offer to all clients online counselling via

Skype or WhatsApp. I am also able to offer and support clients with online one-off sessions to discuss any feelings of anxiety relating to the current worldwide pandemic we all are experiencing.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. 


Walk & Talk Therapy


I am also offering in addition to my counselling services a

walk & talk therapy service.

This session will last for a period of 30 minutes. All recommended social distancing measures will be fully observed. You may wish to come along for a one off check-in session to discuss how you are currently feeling, or you may want to attend on a weekly basis. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.   


My name is Jason and I am a member of the BACP

(British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

You can find me in Selsdon, South Croydon,

CR2 8SR.

People contact a counsellor for many different reasons


  • Do you find it difficult to put your struggles into words?
  • Maybe you have feelings of anxiety?  
  • Do you suffer from panic attacks? We could togehter explore better coping mechanisms to manage these. 
  • You may of experienced a bereavement and this loss may be difficult for you to understand
  • Have you suffered the loss of a baby or child, during pregnancy, still birth or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), cot death? 
  • Have you experienced the loss of a job or relationship? 
  • Are your relationships proving difficult at the moment?
  • Do you require support through addiction? 
  • Do you suffer from low self esteem?
  • Is life in general just getting you down and making you feel stressed?
  • Are you suffering from feelings of depression?
  • I am an experienced counsellor/mentor for clients with stoma's.  
  • I am an experienced online therapist.
  • Unique Walk & Talk 30 minute therapy sessions.


As a counsellor we could together explore your feelings, thoughts and emotions and see if we can make sense of these. My private practice is located at my family home in Selsdon, South Croydon, CR2 8SR. 


I have many years of working as a counsellor, and have qualified integratively. This means I have the ability to draw on many different theories and be able to apply this to your therapy. I have worked in agency settings dealing mainly with clients and there relationship and dependency on drug and alcohol. In addition to my private practice, I currently work for a hospice with clients coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. Loss can also come in many other forms, such as the loss of a job and the loss of a relationship. You may be feeling great anxiety and depression associated with your loss and together we could explore your feelings and make sense of these.


I also have trainied in the loss of a baby, this could be during pregnancy, still birth or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS, cot death). I am able to offer to you a safe space in which to explore your emotions. Any type of loss can be very confusing, however the loss of an infant even more so as this is not the correct way in how we perceive loss. I can work with you to discuss this confusion and other raw emotions you are experiencing.     


I also work extensively with couples, offering the opportunity to reconnect emotionally. This form of couples therapy is structured and allows you the ability to disengage from the negative and damaging narrative between a couple, and change to a more emotionally connected narrative. This will bring you closer together with more love and understanding of one another. 


I have had many years of experience in counselling clients who have received a diagnoses of having to have a stoma. I also mentor clients after their stoma surgery who are coming to terms with the change in how their body now works, and the associated emotions attached to living with a stoma. 


As a member of the BACP I adhere to their ethical framework and therefore provide a safe and professional environment in which to practice. If you require any further information about the framework I work within you can find this at www.bacp.co.uk